Let's Get This Day Started

This was the start of the day when I initially got up at 7am

Stunning clouds and a brilliant spring day.

I was so inspired and as the kids went off to their Dad's at 8.30 I was ready to get on with all sorts... and then I fell asleep until 11.30

I haven't had a lie in for eons and have been exhausted and stressed and talk about power nap.. woke up feeling so much better.

Have managed to attack the house work and been for a ten mile run, the furthest I have run in six months, hurt like child birth but I managed.

Things are coming back to some semblance of order ( not completely, this is my life we are talking about )

I knew on Sunday that I was desparate for a break and that stress was making me down and although housework and ten miles of running isn't exactly the Maldives it will do for now.

It's getting there. Just need to keep on top of things and believe that TTTCNBMP will be over soon and then all will be completely ok. Keep the faith and all that

Beware it's as cheesy as it gets

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