Snow White and The Seven Blippers

Blip meet at Bradford Uni to view Peter ( Sgwarnog)'s blip exhibition. We made a modest crowd the seven of us , I and



Odey Random




A bit like Snow White and the seven blippers ( I was either Dopey or Grumpy for sure)

No poisoned apple but we did get a lock in as they kept the gallery open for us and gave us wine, chocolate and crisps ( how did they know !), we did manage to leave fairly early and weren't clinging onto a Kareoke singing " I will survive" at 2 am or anything . - more like 1.30

Peter's exhibition is of his recent blips and it's really well presented in a pop up room but of course my attempts to blip that well were about as good as my attempts to keep off the wine.....

Well done Peter , you should be very proud

In the rest of the gallery was a tree full of people's wishes, some were about themselves, some were entirely altruistic. It was quite emotional reading them all.

I am guess none of the gang will have blippped my wish, because it's hard to fit " I really really really want to run away with Dave Grohl and have his babies and live happily ever after in a vineyard" in a single shot.

A great great night and thanks to Wendy for treating me when we went for a currry at a proper genuine mucky Bradford curry house afterwards


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