Or pinched. Either way, I can't claim to have pressed the shutter on this shot today. Nope, this sequence of shots was captured by the lapsed blipping finger of my daughter - and from a moving car too.

After a shopping trip to buy our aspiring Hobbit of a son two pairs of shoes - nothing fits him, seems to be growing a size every couple of months - we took the scenic route home, much to the annoyance of our Hez who seems to have forgotten that any journey with a blipper at the wheel is never a direct A to B. The hills were nicely lit with the low sun but it was this tease of a Buzzard that we tried to bag. It was happy to sit on the fencepost two or three metres from the passing Ford Fiesta, but as soon as we tried sneaking close it would swoop off and perch on another post at the extremities of the telephoto lens. At one point it flew straight along the road, observing the 'keep-left' rule and only inches form the tarmac. I'd handed the camera to Heather so that I could try and manoeuvre into a decent spot but it took off again and flew directly in front of the Abbey Craig. I asked her if she could try and snap the bird as it flew in front of the monument but she didn't think she'd caught it; said it was too dark.

Well, there's your too dark shot for you. Or, a sequence of four too dark shots combined. Maybe this will encourage her to get back blipping, 'cause going by this, she's not too shabby at this at all. (Much better than her driving which we took a first stab at today - too traumatised to talk about that just now, will leave that for another day).

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