All Emulsional Again

Can hardly contain my excitement!

It's the big one, the jackpot, the change-your-life-completely one. Michael Smith from the Corporate Rewards Centre in Las Vegas says so -

I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams!

See. You didn't believe me I bet (can afford big bets now). All I have to do is wait until they phone back. I had my headphones in listening to 'Steps Greatest Hits' when the call came in earlier - their music always make me paint quicker and shout at the kids less as I'm doing DIY.

I've even used a Sharpie to mark the number '9' key on the handset in case I get all flustered and forget whereabouts it is.

Don't think I'll sleep much tonight thinking about what I can do with all those big wads of dollars coming this way. Getting someone in to finish of this bloody painting is going to be first on the list though.

PS: Don't say anything to Samantha or the kids... waiting to see how much I've won before I decide if I'm hanging around surprise them.

PPS: No begging letters please.

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