horns of wilmington's cow

By anth


Mel is more mobile. This means she can more easily point out I've stacked the dishwasher incorrectly and the kitchen needs a clean. I am immensely happy at this stage of her recovery.

Up; shower; feed cat; breakfast; make Mel's breakfast; feed chickens; pack bag; set-up Mel's television viewing area; bike; puncture; fix; bike; work; work; work; more work; bike; home; cook dinner with direction from mobile Mel and faults in cleaning prowess explained; clean kitchen; dishes; washing machine on; ironing; recipe books for next week's meals; write shopping list; blip.... Washing machine to be emptied; sleep.

Rinse. Repeat.

Completely forgot to mention that on the bike yesterday someone deliberately swerved their car at me. Well? I say swerved at, he slowly drifted into my lane coming to towards me to effectively play chicken all the while leaning on his horn. You see, he thought I was going the wrong way down a one-way street. And it is a one-way street. For cars. There's a contraflow bus lane which buses and bikes can also use.

Stupid old goat.

As he moved back into the lane I swung my arm to indicate the dividing line and shouted "Bus lane! Contraflow!"

I doubt he got the message. Might have done when he got to the end I guess. What really gets me is how unobservant people are allowed to be behind the wheel. There are traffic lights in the direction I was headed which wouldn't be needed if that wasn't a contraflow; and a big 'BUS LANE' painted on the road facing the opposite way to normal travel.

When I was taught to drive I had to be aware of signs and road markings. Has that changed?

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