horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

He didn't make it...

The mouse was still alive at this point. Put him in a box in some straw to keep him warm, tucked up in the garage away from the cat, some seed for sustenance. But.

I was having a coffee with Andy, going over some citycycling ideas, designs, and general business stuff, and a text came in from Mel that Isla had a mouse. It was half an hour before I was home. Mel had chased the cat back out (being on crutches she wasn't able to extract the mouse from the cat), and that was that. But after I'd got back, we'd chatted, I'd got changed, Isla re-arrived, complete with mouse. Poor thing. An hour of being 'played with'. Mice can die of shock, have a feeling this is what happened here.

RIP :(

Day was relatively good but for that low point. Got through stuff at work, good chat with Andy, feeling good on the bike. Although I have been accused of hypocrisy in being a cycling 'activist' (hate that word, not really accurate) and yet owning a car. Seems a little blinkered if you ask me.

Commuting Machine

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