horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

And then there were two...

We lost one of the chooks today. Only 8 months after Roxy, our Light Sussex, arrived, a little bit of blood and some missing feathers around her vent yesterday, became a prolapse this morning. We headed to the vet fearing the worst - it's the type of thing that can be treated, but is highly likely to recur, and at the sight of any blood the other chickens will start pecking. She was in pain, had lost a lot of blood, and in the end the kindest thing was to say our goodbyes and leave her in the capable hands of the vet to make sure she wasn't suffering anymore.

At least for those 8 months she wasn't stuck in a crate as a laying machine; or killed off after 3 months for food (yes, the chicken we eat really is that young).

Needed a bit of cheer for the day after that and reverted to the original plan, Mel getting her new bike which should be christened on a ride tomorrow. We popped by her dad to see what his new woodburning stove looked like, and wandered round the countryside looking for recently sighted Black Guillemot and Crane, both of which seem to have moved on.

Should have just stayed in the garden.

Letting the girls out while I cleaned up the hen house 3 Long-tailed Tits came to visit the feeders. Really not common to find them in our garden.

Waiting for a curry now, having toasted Roxy wherever she may now be, and wondering whether we take the flock back up to four.

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