wait your turn

8:30am and on the way to work.

I've crossed this bridge aqueduct plenty times. I'm sure many others have crossed it more than I have too.

The cobbled footpath along the side of the Union Canal is fairly safe, as long as three people don't try to cycle past each other at the same time. Or as long as you don't have vertigo and look over the *other* side. It's a fairly long way down.

There's a sign requesting cyclists to dismount and walk over. I'll be honest and say that I've only done that 30% of the time. But today I did. And the extra 90 seconds didn't ruin the rest of my day.

Often we don't stop and pay attention become *something* needs done.

But does it really?

Also, the doughnut was gone this morning.


And a bunch of photos *finally* updated for the past six days:

In the building

Evenings and teaspoons

The tales continue

The fate of us all

Fingerless, with patient digits and a doughnut

Overblown packaging

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