Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


If I were properly observing Blipfoto etiquette, I should be sharing an image from this evening's blip meet at Gallery II, but I couldn't resist this Coot on the sun-dappled water of Lister Park lake.

while the sun
on the water
a coot
glides through

I refer you to @Lawrie, @odeyrandom, @philwalton, @Wendles56, @yearofhappy and @earthdreamer for more news, and a couple of images of the blip meet. It was good to share the exhibit with fellow blip journalers, and to discuss this different way of showcasing the blipfoto culture. One observation was that the gallery presentation didn't include the comments and conversations that develop around the journals online, and in that sense the social media element was absent. At the same time, as @Lawrie commented, the presentation of the blips on the walls gave them a much more journal like feel - they become pages of a diary.

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