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By sharob


I don't know if where I live - South of Peterborough - counts as part of the Fenlands, I'm pretty sure it might be ...

Yesterday, our friend and childminder had a car accident, nothing serious but she had whiplash and has been advised to take it easy. The girls wanted to go to the park this morning so we stopped at the shop and bought some chocolates for our friend, she told us all about how another car rammed into the passenger side where she was sitting :( We then went to the park and then to the pond to feed the ducks, and as the girls were both comfy tucked up in the trailer, I decided I needed a photo ride .. I loved living out in the Fens, so flat, so quiet, so .. oh, I could go on! But I don't. And don't I know it. Everywhere you look in Peterborough, something is being demolished, or something is being built, land is being sold for more development. I can imagine that 20 years from now, there won't be any room for developments, the entire country will have been built on .. that would surely be the end? Like, when you play Sim City, and you fill up your grid, there comes a point when the demolishing just doesn't do anything any longer, so you wreck havoc, hurricanes, earthquakes and even UFO damage! And then start all over again albiet with a healthier looking bank balance :)

Annnnnyyyyyyyywaaaaaaaaaaaayyy ...

Camera Mode A, WB Auto
Things I did - ISO-400, f5.6, exposure bias -0.3, 55mm
Things camera did - 1/500

My histogram looked pretty good for this so I'm pleased!

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