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By tsuken

Time to Roost

The birds were going wild this evening - roosting, I imagine. Trees-full of lorikeets, and parrots flitting about, and a bower bird as well. Most unfairly, the lorikeets chose not our jacaranda to congregate in, but one a house or two down. I went wandering out the front trying to get a shot or two. Got no lorikeets, but a bowerbird - and then as I was almost back to our place this lovely lady flew out into view and perched for a while in the lowering sun.

Click to entheropodenate. I cropped to enlarge it a chunk, and change from 4:3 to 3:4. I sharpened, and pulled up the luminance curve a touch - just on the parrot.

That was all done with Filterstorm Pro on my brand new iPad - a replacement for my 10-month-old iPad, which lately has been failing to find its sim. I found that Apple's service is right up there with Amazon's (who replaced my kindle rapidly and easily). I went in this morning for my "genius bar" appointment, told the guy what was the problem, he asked me one or two other questions, then told me it was most likely a hardware problem, and that he didn't know of any way to fix it ... so would I be ok with a new one?

I had backed up that morning, as instructed, so yeah, fine, whatever. Five minutes later I had a new iPad... With, of course, nothing on it till I got it home and restored from my backup.

Problem: I've been having great fun with MorphWiz MIDI, since the dude at Wizdom Music kindly let me have a pre-release version. It was, of course, tied to my iPad's Unique Device Identification. My old iPad's UDID. So now I can't install it. I just hope he'll re-upload it for me, so it works on this one.

Here's hoping nothing else breaks for a bit. First the kindle, then the iPad. Gah....

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