One Year On

This day last year was the massive earthquake in Christchurch 22.0211, 12.51hrs.
Today was the Memorial Service held in Hagley Park, and other parts of the city.
I was traveling south, so was far removed from Christchurch, but it was certainly in my thoughts.

This is the Dunedin Railway Station, a beautiful building.
I used to catch the train from Balclutha to go to the dances in Dunedin, so it brings back many memories.
It was so good to be able to photograph a beautiful building again, as we have lost so many from Christchurch.

Visited my brother in Dunedin Hospital and he is doing well, and also my mother when we arrived in Balclutha.
She will be 98 in May and is in better health now than she was a year ago.

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