A day long year

By waverley

Pancakes away!

Today's blip photo is unfortunately from my phone as I forgot to take Nick's shiny camera to work with me- Apparently it's tradition in Newbury for the Rector of St Nicolas' Church to throw pancakes from the top of the bell tower... I have no idea why this is tradition but it is... So as you can see I decided to pop along to see what it was all about on my lunch hour! There was also a pancake race which the people of Newbury seemed to take very seriously!!!!

We had a wonderful friend round for dinner for pancakes tonight. Lewis bought us a pancake pan as a wedding present so we thought it would only be fair to cook him some pancakes using our awesome pancake pan!!!

After having had two ham and cheese pancakes, One lemon and sugar and One banana, nutella and cream pancake I felt like a bit of a mega fatty so went to the gym to find it empty...

After a good half an hours run I didn't feel so bad for all the nutella!!! Although mind you, I swear that on days when I know I'm going to go to the gym I eat more chocolate so it's counter productive! Oh well!

So all in all life's good :)

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