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Look Forward

This little chap looked down on me as I sat in the traffic again tonight.

As for our little chap he has struggled this evening. Probably due to hie recent replenishment of his gut he has now swung full circle from his expelling qualities of last week to the point of being plugged.

So after an excruciating pre-bath output he flew into a rage that has taken a long long time to settle. Weirdly it reminded me of being little. I think I flew into the odd rage once and a while when I was a weenie. Anyway I wandered around the house with him and even outside, much to the fright of one of the neighbours. Eventually shining a torch around teh dark lounge got him talking instead of screaming and then we managed to get him back with us.

Looks like we need to hide the bananas and find the prunes then.

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