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Dirty Cellar

Boy is still a backed up which is still causing some discomfort. So much so that he really did not enjoy swimming much. Later on though the weather was so nice that we ventured into the garden for the first time this year. Whilst I did some tidying up the little ones had some fun in the play house. Boy had so much fun that he actually refused to come out.

Boy was not the only thing blocked up today, as more cellar adventures were on the cards, when at lunch I had a look down and saw a vast increase in our basement lake. So I put a call into the ever unhelpful water supplier who agreed to have someone out within a few hours.

After an hour I went and had a closer look and noticed water was still coming in even when no water was going down the problematric drain. I then also noticed the smell, similar to that of one of Boy's morning nappies.

Thankfully some experts arrived after another hour or so and unblocked the blockage in mains sewer which stopped the flow. It seems that this blockage caused the drain to back up the pipes meaning it then started leaking through the crack that we have been assured can not be causing the leak into our cellar. After a few more calls and after the sanitiser had finished her dinner and brought her machinery round the cellar was pumped out and sprayed with a very bright pink strong cleanser.

Whilst the cellar was being pumped out Girl and I were made the sanitiser lady a cup of tea. It was bedtime for Girl but due to all the action she was allowed to stay up a bit longer. As I came out of the kitchen and shut the door behind me to deliver the tea the air from the pump machine hit me.

It was very strong and gusty and so I moved out of the way and put the tea down. It was then I heard the giggling, Girl had decided to follow me. She opened the door, got blasted by the air and stood there laughing away as her hair and PJs were getting blown about.

Well at least she got some fun out of the latest cellar shenanigans.

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