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All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

What a day! It started out with some beautiful sunshine although the sky was almost black in the distance, a sure sign of rain! It was very cold out too, and possible snow in the forecast (only time will tell)! As I was having my morning coffee, and reading my blips, I kept hearing a Canada Goose squawking in the front yard (very weird)...so I went outside to investigate and he was sitting on top of the neighbors house. In fact, as I looked around there were several geese sitting on top of houses...I have never seen this before....hmmmm?

Then I walked to the back of the house and noticed that the ducks had al left the pond, and the birds were absent too. A very ominous sense of calm....what is going on? Then in flies my DREAM, a hawk! I grabbed my camera, and started shooting....he was at a terrible angle so I was shooting across the glass window which always produces a glare....you can't have everything :)))

He perched there for 25 seconds at least, as I fired off shots and tried to get the best shots I could. Then off he flew. He returned twice more, and the last time he lit in the tree and I got some better shots of his back and feathers, which finally led me to a proper identification, a COOPER'S HAWK. They love to eat birds, and our birdfeeders are the perfect table!

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