Locality Berry

8:30pm and making final wardrobe decisions for tomorrow night's extravaganza.

The converse match and all, but the outdoor/walking shoes won out in the end. It's not often you get a self-portrait at 8:30 either.

Another packed day, a slightly later start, stopping to identify and solve a brake-disc-rubbing noise that was a little louder yesterday than before. Also gave a few chain gear components a clean too.

Nice wee wind-assisted cycle too.

Got through plenty at work, setting the rest of the week up nicely. While it would be handy to be contactable over work email or phone while away *representing* the company, it's actually nice knowing that the work will still be there when I get back!

Home for a game or two of snap while the weeWeir had dinner and a relaxed eating with Mrs theWeir and West Wing.

Will miss my ladies tomorrow and enjoy coming home when it happens.

But tomorrow is a new day, and to get there, I need to sleep.

Bonus points if you figure out the relevance of the title....

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