Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Fireball rising

How often does it happen that the sky is clear at dawn, then within half an hour the cloud has rolled in? It's what happened today, there was an in between period as I was on my way to work when sunlight shafted through breaks in the cloud, and the landscape was rich in tones and long shadows. You have to be quick to capture these conditions and I wasn't quick enough. So here we have the sunrise. The sun continues its migration north, and soon it will be rising behind Ingleborough again from this vantage point.

As the morning went on, the murky greyness returned. A colleague told me that within a few miles south and north of Kendal, the sky was clear and bright. It was too dull and damp even for a K3 expedition. Jo Whiley has just said on her radio show that it's been a glorious spring day - what happened in south Cumbria?

But to end on a positive note, it is St David's Day today and the daffodils are blooming well. A time to think of my Welsh Mum for whom daffodils were always special.

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