Meanwhile, at the coast..

By meancoast

Science and Technology......


Carrie the Cat: So are you going to anything at the Science Fest then Mum?

Me: Yes Carrie, as it happens I've already got tickets for 'Stormy Weather' next Friday's another one of those 'Science through the Medium of Alcohol' cocktail do' know the ones, I usually come home in a taxi about midnight a bit the worse for wear with scientific formulae scribbled on the back of a beermat.....

Carrie the Cat: Anything else look good?

Me: Well I haven't had a proper look at the programme yet because you've been sitting on it for the last half an hour, but the closing party sounds like fun....'Including live jazz, poker tables, forensic science, cybercrime, the North's largest planetarium and our famous themed cocktails'

Carrie the Cat: Can I come Mum?

Me: I don't think so Carrie.....


Carrie the Cat: Can I sit on your knee then?

Me: Well all right, but just until I get an internet connection that lasts long enough to upload this blip and then copy and paste this text in

Carrie the Cat: So it might be a while then Mum?

Me: Probably Carrie, probably.........Mr Branson's team of Vestal Virgins don't seem to be answering their phones 'in person' this morning......maybe they're all busy recording more pointless message choices for their automated effing answering system.......

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