Crazy slush

Firstly apologies for the date confusion for the first few comments below. I uploaded Whisky's picture (see yesterday's blip) while I was on the move (being not so smart on the smart phone) and it came up with Saturday's date. I didn't notice until I tried to upload the crazy picture that I actually took today. Bah!

Today I had a fab afternoon in Brighton with Fi. It was a dreich, unpromising morning, but it brightened up as the train rattled down to the coast. By the time I reached Hove, the sun was shining. We walked down to the seafront then followed the beach towards Kemp Town. We watched a bunch of folk run into the waves en masse in the aid of charity. There was a lot of screaming - I can imagine that it was a tad chilly.

Nearing Palace Pier (now Brighton Pier, but it will always be Palace Pier to me), it was hard to ignore the Brighton Wheel spinning up high. We made the quick decision to get ourselves on that wheel and in no time at all we were enjoying spying the landmarks from our pod. It was fun. I wouldn't do it again, but once is definitely worthwhile.

We walked onwards to the volley ball cafe, which has some very tasty food indeed. It was a pleasant surprise to find such a cafe just when our thirst needed quenching, and with a table in the sun, too.

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