Englishman in Bandung

By Vodkaman

Rice flower

I was returning from a shopping expedition and was passing by the common, the location of my regular insect blip safaris, so I decided to stop and test out the autofocus. It has been close to two months since my last visit and it has changed a lot. The vegetation of the top half has been totally shaven, reducing it to the status of a cricked green and totally useless for insect blips.

The lower half is still wild and will provide blips, but my main source of images was the top half, with it's more diverse vegetation and terrain. I really need to check out some new locations. A section of the lower half was occupied by a group of ladies, drying rice on tarpaulins, raking the rice level to catch the sun.

I approached and attempted some conversation and asked permission to take some photos, which they were happy with. There are a lot more blips here and as the work looks like a daily thing, I will be returning for more. Amongst them was this beautiful flower. I chose to crop in tight on this image because I wanted you to see her beautiful face.

All the girls were wearing full make-up, jewelry and very smart attire, very inconsistent with the work that they were doing. Off the beaten track, it is not like anyone was going to see them and yet they still made the effort. A friendly and giggly bunch of ladies and I will definitely be returning for more.

Sorry for the very late blip, a very busy day after which I fell asleep and awoke 11:30pm. I made it to the 24 hour café but it was closed! After 10pm, they lock the door, so that you have to knock to gain entrance, but the guy falls asleep and is impossible to awake. Indonesia goes very quiet after about 10pm, the streets empty and the traffic stops.


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