Northern Star

By Lifferz

Oooops again

This is the last time if I can help it that I ever do anything with my hair with chemicals. I heard a lot of dissapointment in my Mum's voice when I told her I had red hair and in a knee jerk reaction I decided to strip my hair of it's colour this weekend. As I was studying I left the product on longer than intended and I am now a sort of gingery blonde. I have tried to brighten this pic to hide my identitiy a little (and the worry lines!) Slightly dreading tomorrow as I am not sure this colour suits- hopefully people will be kind. It really drains the colour from my face....all my own work...all my own fault...blast! I could dye it brown as I have some dye but I sort of think I should just leave it now and hope for the best! Time to keep things natural!

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