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By Lesley

In with the new

My bid to take a different approach to some things this week found me shopping for fabric to make blinds for our conservatory and a skirt (and bonus bag) for Anna this morning.

The alternative would have been to bash my head away at a work situation that can hopefully be resolved more quickly and painlessly with a phone call later in the week.

So distractions in place I came home and spent a very pleasant hour or so listening to a R4 afternoon play and making Anna her skirt (and bonus bag with the extra material). There is more material left (I am a chronic over-buyer) so I must think of something else I can make. Perhaps a notice board? Didn't tackle the conservatory blinds as I first need a tall person to put in the hooks but at least we have the material now. Really wasn't expecting to need to create the blinds for another few months but this sunny spell is already making the conservatory practically unusable in the middle of the day.

Plugged myself back into the matrix for a work call this afternoon that went better than anticipated. Still not feeling like I'm firing on all cylinders but definitely slightly more than the back end of last week when I probably shouldn't have been allowed to communicate with anyone.

Hopefully more "in with the temporary" there is a strong possibility we will be sleeping in our sleeping bags on the sofas tonight as Carl's extreme fumigation of our bedroom has currently rendered it uninhabitable. Will do a check after a couple of West Wing episodes.

Oh, and the picture shows me using an old skirt as a rough template for the new one. I don't really do patterns but that's fine as long as my mom doesn't read this. I am pleased to report that Anna was very happy with her new items.

Lesley x

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