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General Cemetery - Wisbech

As those of you who looked at my blip from yesterday will know, today would have been my mother's 100th birthday. Today I visited the area where my ancestors were born, (so was I), partly to visit a sick elderly friend in hospital, as well as to visit my oldest friend for tea and home-made gluten free cakes; not that she is old, it is just that she is the friend I have had the longest. Valerie took me to school when I was about four as I had refused to stay when taken by my mother; I was stubborn then, maybe I still am.

I had planned to visit this cemetery on several occasions before, mainly to take pictures of it to put on my family tree for my Great-Grandmother, but it was either too wet, or time was too short or there was some other reason, so today I decided that I was definitely going to fit in a visit.

This cemetery is where my mother's mother was buried; she died on the 14 April 1932, aged 58; she is buried in an unmarked grave, due to lack of funds at the time. I was taken, by my mother, as a very young child, to visit the grave and as far as I can remember I have never been back; until today.

This cemetery was closed in 1972 and has been designated a 'Pocket Park', something I had never heard of. The cemetery is being supervised by the Cambridgeshire Wildlife Trust in conjunction with Fenland District Council. The aim is to enhance the area for wildlife, whilst maintaining the cemetery intact for its historic interest.

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