Journey Through Time

By Sue

It's Coming...

Spring that is. Someday... Soggy, soggy day. I'm over at aunties and had to come home to replenish my supplies and to get re-organized. Going back over there, in the land of No hopefully I can check back in this weekend. I may never catch up with hoo. I'm going through Blip Withdrawal. Auntie is doing much better. A few good sleeps helps tremendously. She is mentally adjusting to taking morning pills, figuring out her schedule around medicines and coming to terms with the fact that she had a heart attack. Her symptoms are common to women...back pain, arm pain and jaw pain. She had no chest pain. Women...take heed to those symptoms.

Hope the week is going okay for everyone. Miss you all.... ;)

I have back blipped a few days. All images taken with the 5omm. Loving the 50!

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