An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

My life in books!!!

Thank you so much for your warm response to my first Archived Blip yesterday.

It was great fun finding the photo in the first place a but even better to look out my old diary and find an entry in it for the corresponding date on the photograph! :-))

In preparing for our house move I have found all our boxes of old photographs and when I get the time (!!!) I plan to archive lots of the them on Blip and hopefully will find diary entries to match. What a laugh complete embarrassment that will be! :-))

As I was putting THIS pile of diaries back into the storage bag I couldn't resist piling them up and blipping them as it astounds me to think this little selection of notepads chronicles periods of my life from 1980 to the present day. I pick one at random and within seconds of reading I am transported back to a place and time in my life that either has me crying with laughter, weeping with regret or, more commonly, cringing with complete and utter embarrassement!

Reliving memories and feeling the emotions all over again is a strange and wonderful experience but it's a bit of a mind f*ck as well. I once read my 1980 diary (age 13 then) over the course of 3 nights and got so absorbed in it, it was a shock to look in the mirror on the 4th morning and realise that the 40 something woman staring back at me was actually ME!

Nothing worse than realising you have to think about what's for tea and get a washing on when your brain is telling you all you want to do is pull on your Pepe daungarees and go down the swing park with your pals and see if there's any talent about!!! :-))

Anyway, enough reminising....need to get a shift on. Rushing out early evening to go see my neice in her dance show. She's is fab but oh the torture of 3 hours of watching strangers kids from age 2 - 18 hop, skip, jump and pirouette i.e. lumber across the stage in stunning stage outfits ill fitting leotards and orange make up! That is the price you pay for being a good auntie! :-)))

Laters Peeps! :-)) xx

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