La fheile Padraigh

Leprechauns are alive and well, albeit a bit thoughtful, and in Ballydehob. Just checking in for a brief visit - things are still very hectic. Laura the wwoofer is working like mad and the veg patch is starting to look magnificent; inroads have been made into the history project and I have done my recce for the countryside bird survey. Once during April and once during June I have to walk two kilometres in my designated square and record everything I see or hear birdwise. We all went to find my patch which is in the middle of nowhere a few kilometres from Lough Ine. Half of it is on the road and the other half goes over mountain scrub and pature and ends at a small lough. This bit involved climbing over gates and wading through boggy bits- himself and Laura remained the right side of the gate, as they both have serious consciences.

Today the sun has been shining and we went to see the parade in Ballydehob. Nuns, leprechauns, tractors and dodgy wigs were much in evidence. Have a great Paddy's Day, I'll be back properly next saturday! La fheile Padraigh shona

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