Infinity and beyond

I wasn't going to blip today but we had such a fabulous walk this morning I had to. A glorious day, bright and breezy so we headed down to Doneen and did a brisk walk around the headland, complete with sheep (dead and alive) blowholes, sea urchins and huge views. This little lough is on the top of a rocks with spectacular views out across Dunmanus Bay - it reminded me of an infinity pool, not that I've ever seen a real one! The blues were incredible.

It's himself's birthday tomorrow - a big one, so we are out celebrating with friends tonight. I am about to make spanakopitta (spinach pie) and a redcurrant crumble. We have balloons with lights inside and chinese lanterns. The sons have obviously been conflabbing about birthday dates and got everything totally wrong - he recieved a flurry of texts last monday (my birthday is a 12th) and then more today - ah well, an extended birthday is always the best, even though the size of this one is making him grumpy!
And we have a day off tomorrow - all is good.

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