Memory lane for me

When Helena received a call this morning do treat a patient at the Nailsworth clinic, I offered to drive her there. I realised I could combine it with a journey on to the Horsley waste tip to dispose of some garden rubbish and then drive on to nearby Uley, in Gloucestershire, to find a blip. The day was sunny and springlike, so I imagined some pictures of the village in its gorgeous surrounding landscape on the edge of the Cotswold hills.

Another reason for doing this was a promise to one of my earliest blip friends Sarah, who grew up in Uley and who always likes to see images from the area. In the 70s, I used to come here to visit an old school friend and sculptor, Andrew Wood, who'd bought the Bethesda Chapel, an old disused Baptist church. Within a few years he had converted it into Prema, a pioneering arts education centre, which is thriving to this day. I've now lost touch with Andrew since he went away from the area.

Over the years I have popped back to Uley for walks and various events, as well as to buy plants from a couple of local gardeners, whose back gardens were their shop. Sadly they are no longer in business, but the rest of village life seemed to be carrying on. I spoke to Martin the postman, who I have recorded here walking away on his round, who wondered what I was doing. He has lived there for forty years and talked about the old photos his family had of the village.

On the 'main' road through the village, which lies right at the bottom of a steep hillside, the village shop and Post Office was very busy and several people said hello as I stood taking photos. This building faces towards the village shop, with South Street running away round the back to Prema and beyond. I can remember when these petrol pumps were part of the working garage and am so pleased to see they have been preserved, and in quite good nick. As you can imahgine it is very emblematic of Uley.

I had a fun time here, and will be back to explore more, including the Iron Age camp at the top of the hill, with its far-reaching views across the Severn Vale to the Forest of Dean. I will also visit the Old Crown, the local pub, which sells Uley bitter that is brewed just down the road.

I've put a few other snaps from the jaunt here in case anyone wants to have a wider look around. Sadly, my pictures were a bit uninspired and don't do justice to such a lovely place.

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