By cyclops


One of many things I had to do before Thursday this week was to get some injections yesterday - a tetanus booster and a Hep B jab to be precise. I can't remember which one went in my left arm, but it now hurts! I'm also looking at buying a laptop, trying to move some money around, preparing for MysCyclops (she has some back blips by the way!) birthday tomorrow and trying to make a DVD.

The other day I went out with a very clear idea of the shot I was after, and snapped this nail on an old fence on the way back to the car. It turned out to be my favourite image of the day, so I abandoned my original idea and blipped it. It's happened again with the same fence - so once again I've abandoned the idea I set out with! I had various different angles and compositions, and although you might think this is "boring" I think it best shows what I want.

The fence is at the side of a road, and has clearly been there for some time without adequate maintenance. The wood is rotting and crumbling, but it forms some wonderful shapes and colours as it does so. It sits against a backdrop of last years autumn leaves and a few flourishing weeds.

Corrupt dead wood in an environment of neglect. I could attempt profundity at this point by comparing it with the state of politics in this country, but I wouldn't stoop so low...

Onwards and upwards...

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