There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Sunrise on an Enchanted Pond

Morning on the pond. A lone goose was standing on the edge, and obligingly stepped down into the water as the sun started to rise out of the mist. The bird silently set sail onto the pond, and suddenly everything around us - the sun, the water, the sky - was golden, golden, golden. An enchanted moment in time.

This photo represents my 100th consecutive daily posting on Blipfoto! I spent a little time going through my photos, and thought it might be fun to take a walk down blip-memory lane.

Several of my most popular blips to date include:

Wednesday 21 March 2012: Singing Up the Sun

Thursday 1 March 2012: The Ice Has Melted on the Pond!

Sunday 11 March 2012: Black Moshannon

Among the 100 photos . . .

44 feature trees, including:

Wednesday 21 December 2011: Solstice: Breaking Light

Wednesday 22 February 2012: Golden Morning Tree: the Photographer's Dilemma

Friday 24 February 2012: Farm Lane on a Misty Morning

19 feature Penn State scenes, including:

Friday 16 December 2011: Glass Ornament Tree

Wednesday 18 January 2012: The Witness Tree

Monday 23 January 2012: No Ordinary Joe

Tuesday 28 February 2012: Penn State's Old Main

Wednesday 7 March 2012: We Will Remember You, Part 2

14 feature Dexter, my gray tabby cat with white paws, including:

Tuesday 27 December 2011: Attack of the Box Creature!

Monday 6 February 2012: Now What?

Monday 5 March 2012: My Office-Mate Snores . . . and Purrs

13 feature what I think of as my "whimsies," which is to say - little creatures posed engaging in adventures of various kinds - including:

Friday 27 January 2012: Crazy, Crowd-Pleasing Steps

Thursday 2 February 2012: An Embarrassment of Riches

Sunday 12 February 2012: Gone Fishin'

Monday 20 February 2012: Waiting in Line for the Devil Duck Ride

Wednesday 29 February 2012: All Aboard the Leap Year Day Trolley!

10 photos celebrate the sunrise, including:

Wednesday 4 January 2012: One Tree Hill

Thursday 15 March 2012: Sunrise Over the Apple Orchard

9 pictures feature food, including:

Monday 2 January 2012: Lasagna!

Sunday 29 January 2012: A Was Once An Apple Pie

7 photos have bird themes, including:

Thursday 29 December 2011: Cardinal on a Cold Morning

Friday 20 January 2012: Kingfisher

Friday 10 February 2012: Bird Nest with Funeral Flowers

and 6 pictures capture the moon, including:

Sunday 8 January 2012: Present Like an Archangel

Monday 9 January 2012: The Wolves Are Silent; Only the Moon Howls

What a wonderful time I've had taking all of these pictures, doing what I love! I hope you've enjoyed looking at them too. Here's to the next 100 days!

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