Dog Post

This is pretty much the cutest thing I've seen in a long while.

U and I went out for a morning walk with the dogs, and then headed off to Matakana for a very civilised lunch. We took the dogs with us.

One of the cafes/markets had a very friendly sign, politely asking dog owners not to bring their dogs into that particular area. Apparently, U tells me, there is a girl who sits by this sign on a Saturday and holds the dogs for their owners, while they purchase their Trim Latte or have a look around the stalls.

I'm pretty sure Cousteau would be quite a match for her; he is strong willed and strong muscled - and he hates to be away from me! Still, a very sweet idea.

Then off to a pottery, where we had a coffee and the dogs were welcomed with a bowl of water.

Home to my workout and now we're thinking about dinner, and planning for a photoshoot of the two dogs while the light is good.

I can't believe I'm off home tomorrow. I've had such a relaxing time here. I just love it.

It's not over though, tomorrow we're off to Auckland, where U and I are going to have a makeover, and then I have a photoshoot at Eden Gardens to finish off what has been a wonderful few days.

Bye all.

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