Return to Normality...

Are you ever stuck at the breakfast roll counter and get all flustered because you just can't decide what breakfasting foods to have snuggled between the a fluffy roll? Do you go for Bacon and Egg, Haggis and Square, Link and black pudding? What if you want to go for a meat sweating triple layer?

I have the answer.

The Tractor Factory Systems Friday Roll Roulette App.
If you have an Android phone, you can download it using you your phone from here?
Friday Roll Roulette Download...

To shake things up on Friday Morning Roll Day the day the other week, I decided to ask for a random double decker roll. I was given a rather pedestrian Egg and Bacon. To that end and make things more interesting, I decided to build an Android App using the newly launched beta version of the Android App Inventor.

Notes on the Picture...
At last, we've been able to move Bethany back into her room in her new big big girl's bed. For the past week she's been sleeping on her brother's floor beside him and the contents of her room have been taking up almost all the available space upstairs.


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