Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Seen from beehind

The flowering currant in the lane outside our house is a magnet for the emergent bumblebees. It was buzzing today with queens of at least 3 species, feeding hungrily before returning to the task of locating a suitable vole hole in which to make their nests. This one was homing in on a flower, I do like her hairy bum and dangling legs.

And it was exciting to dust the macro lens down and take my first insect blip of the year. Otherwise, after a dull morning I would have been heading out in search of yet another Arnside/Sandside sunset (so Brokenbanjo will be relieved).

I have loaded the third of the Cairngorm backblips. Only one left to go now.

Tomorrow, we are having an appraisal to see if ours will be a suitable home for an orphan. More of that in due course.

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