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By Damnonii



And I'm not quite ready for my close up!!! ;-))

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Warning : Brace yerselves, this is gonnae be a long 'un! ;-))

Good grief! A year of blipping! No gaps! Who'd a thunk it? Not me! I really cannot believe I have been blipping for a year. But I have got my coveted Golden Blip Camera so it must be true!

Like those who have reached this milestone before me, I duly received the email from Blip asking if I would be willing to answer a few questions about my blip addiction hobby that could be passed to my local media who may then follow it up and do an article. Now whilst part of me would LOVE to have said yes, I am actually a very private person - I know, I know, daft thing for someone with a photo journal on the WWW to say! - but I don't link my blips to my Facebook page, indeed some friends and family are totally unaware of my journal and I like it that way, so I had to decline. I like my anonymity too much. Sorry Blip Team :(

But, you my blip pals do not escape!! If you have any sense you will STOP READING NOW! grab a cuppa, better still, a stiff drink! pull up a chair and indulge yourselves in what could possibly be, the best article The Noddy News never published! Or perhaps not!

Here goes....

How did you hear about Blipfoto?
- From my lovely friend and work colleague roaminaround Thanks R :-)) XX

What inspires you to take a picture daily? - Anything and everything. If it exists I will happily photograph it. It also meets some innate need to prove that I was there. That I lived that day. And to leave something of myself behind incase I'm not here tomorrow.

Did you take a daily picture before joining Blip? - Nope, although I enjoyed taking pictures, I was purely a let's record this for posterity photographer, so photos were mainly of holidays and family occasions.

Have your photography skills got better? - I'm not sure I'm the best judge of that but I like to think they have. I certainly have a much greater knowledge of the technical side of photography and try to apply what I've learned when taking photos but sometimes the quick snap I grab in a rushed moment turns out to be the best shot! Proof I suppose that luck also plays a huge part the in the capture of a great photograph.

Has the view of your environment changed - do you naturally see pictures? - Oh yes indeedy! I see the world through very different eyes since I started blipping. There is beauty (sometimes strange beauty), fascination, intrigue everywhere I look, all just sitting there begging to be captured. I feel I have had my eyes opened to things I have missed in the past. The cloud that comes with that silver lining is the frustration of seeing a shot but not being in the position to photograph it at that particular moment! Every day I encounter the frustration of the photographic equivalent of the fish that got away!

Please describe your experience of using Blip and taking 365 pictures - I have never smoked, done drugs or let alcohol pass my lips okay, that last one is a tiny fib hey nobody's perfect! but I think Blip is photography's crack cocaine! My name is Damnonii and I am a Blip Addict!


But it's not just the act of daily blipping and recording my own life's twists and turns that makes it such an addictive past's you lot! My fellow Blippers. You and your wonderful photos and your wonderful write ups and your wonderful warmth and your wonderful humour and your wonderful comments and your wonderful are all nothing short of, well, for want of a better word....WONDERFUL! Thank you SO much for allowing me a peep into your lives and for taking the time to dip into mine.


Your age - 24
Job - Supermodel (with some caring for sickly kittens and negotiating world peace on evenings and weekends)
Family - Well yes, but this is all about ME so let's not involve them!
Where you live - Cloud Cuckoo Land

Anything else you'd like to add, please do:- Ok, thank you, I will.

On my 365th Blip I thought I would indulge myself and select my favourite blip of the past year. I thought I already knew what my favourite photograph was but when having a quick squint through my journal I was drawn again and again to the same photograph....not at all the best pic, infact it's one that didn't turn out quite as planned but none the less, sums up what Blip is ultimately all about for me.......capturing moments of my ordinary life that when looked back on will make me laugh, maybe make me cry, or even better, make me cry with laughter, and THIS MILESTONE BLIP certainly does that for me!

It is just about the biggest giggle I have had taking a photograph and is a wonderful (that word again!) memory that without Blip, I just wouldn't have.

So an EXTRA SPECIAL MASSIVE THANK YOU AND SNOGS WITH TONGUES to Joe and all at Blip Central for giving us the gift of Blip and keeping it going as it has grown into a world wide phenomenon. You guys rock!

And so tomorrow is the start of a new Blip year for me....BRING IT ON!!!!!


Thank you my Blip Pals and a Cadbury Cream Egg for anyone who's stuck with me this far....and I don't just mean to the end of today's write up!!!!! ;-))) xxxx

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