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By anth

Sugar... Ah Honey Honey (Bee)

Mini redemption, after being rather annoyed with the dealer who could do... nothing. Zilch. Nada. Service, you see, is closed on a Sunday nationwide, and it's them who issue courtesy cars. I could phone Mini roadside assistance, but if I did so from the dealer they'd just tell me to leave the car there as there was a red warning light, and I'd have to find my way home somehow...

So it was a limp back home, and call Mini from there. An hour and a half later and a lovely guy from BMW was at the door and then plugging his computer into the car. That's the problem with modern cars, everything controlled by separate microchips, and just one going wrong throws the whole system. The computer diagnosed the problem, with the car not started it was pretty clear that a temperature of 122 degrees in the cooling system was somewhat off the mark.

Of course replacing the sensor was an hour long job because it's part of a larger section that slots in all as one part. Sheesh. But. Car is working again. Phew.

Anyway, day spent enjoying the sun when possible, but also fed up with being back in embrace of the city (and having to go to work tomorrow).

If you've not seen the back blips... 2 days ago there was a nice shot of a Golden Eagle.

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