Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

And the Roo Jumped Over the Moon

Walking to the station today I saw the Moon. A little bit later I saw this plane, heading towards the same patch of sky. I whipped out my camera, dialed the focus a bit further out than it was sitting, framed, and clickclickclicked. This third shot was the one I was after, so even though it's not perfectly focused (but well enough to ID the plane as Qantas...), and cropped up heaps, I've gone with it.

And here it is larger.

My alternative was this, taken from the station looking South, a wee while before the most gorgeous sunset began. I was on the train by then, but am looking forward to the sunsets getting earlier, as I should have a wonderful view of them. 8)

Interestingly, I've noticed that I'm now doing a fair chunk of my focusing without the viewfinder: I'm estimating the distance and setting the focus ring accordingly. I then frame it up using the viewfinder, and click. Other times of course I do use the viewfinder, but I'm amazed at just how useful the distance scale on the focus ring can be.

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