Covered in Bees

By PaulFS

Starling Bar

Bit of a miserable day today but I had plenty of housey stuff to get on with, and a slightly dodgy head to tend to so I didn't really get out (except to Tesco.)

Pal - This is the most boring commentary ever! Why don't you send everyone to sleep (if they've got this far) and tell them what you had for breakfast? Exciting breakfast was it? Right.... cornflakes.... who'd have thought....

There was a brief respite and I managed to get a shot of one of the many starlings at the feeder - another starling blip I know, but this one was all in the frame and quite clear, so he's the star today. Worth checking out large if you're inclined, just to see the lovehearts on his chest and those amazing colours of his feathers.

Thanks for the response to Barbs and Blues - you never know with this type of thing!

Blipmeet last night! It was really good, genuinely charming people and a pleasure to meet those who I'd not met before. Fanny's Ale House - top venue :o)

I had met earthdreamer and yearofhappy before, so it was brilliant to catch up with them again. And I really enjoyed meeting Blippers who I hadn't met before, corinthian, SarahC, sgwarnog, spartan and Wendles56 who unfortunately had a tooth abscess but valiantly made it to the meet. I'm sure there'll be future blipmeets and I'm already looking forward to meeting up again.

Love this new map feature that Blip has brought in - what a brilliant thing! I've already pinned a whole load of old blips to their locations.

I caught up on journals yesterday morning - now I'm completely behind again!

Happy Easter :o)

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