Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers


So, this is how it went, really. There was one other girl there, Pam, featured above. Other than that, it was just me, and the guys. It was pretty fun, I threw up once, on the sofa [Oops].

Pam, Paddy's girlfriend felt sick so I sat around looking after her for a bit, as you can see. I also spent time chatting to my pal about depressing stuff, cried for a while, danced for double the time I cried, tucked in my fucked pal Callum, took some dumb photos, and this gem right here, is one of them.

It was a good night, but I miss my girlfriend alot. It's gonna be a looooong week.

I'm returning to the party after a long sleep throughout today. I'm sitting here with my cat Sage, listening to happy music, my favourite song is playing, and after listening to MC all through the night until 6am, hearing such cute lyrics makes me want to melt with happiness.


What's that coming over the hill?
Is it a monster, is it a monster?

Nar. It's just fucking me after last night.

Have a good day lads and lasses.

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