A time for everything

By turnx3

Sparkling water

After a slightly frosty start, once again it developed into a beautiful Spring day under clear blue skies and sunshine. We were at church this morning to set up the handbells and tables ready for tomorrow's services, then to rehearse, firstly just the handbells, then later together with piano, brass and the choir for the two hymns, and finally the choir practiced their two anthems. We then came home, prepared a picnic and headed up to Caesar Creek State Park. We enjoyed our picnic in the sun, overlooking the water, and periodically watching gliders being towed up into the sky and released. We then went for a walk, initially along the lake, then along a stream, and finishing up at the Pioneer village, where there are around 15 log cabins and other buildings from the 18th and early 19th centuries. A number of them are in need of considerable restoration, but of course, as always, financing is always a problem. We got talking to a guy at one of the cabins, who was very eager to share his enthusiasm and knowledge about the village, its history and some of the techniques in building log cabins. He would have kept us talking for considerably longer, but we had to hike back to our car, and drive back home, ready to go out to eat in the evening. On returning from a visit to Ault Park the other week, I had passed a Thai restaurant in Hyde Park which looked quite nice, and further research on the internet proved it to have some good reviews, so we were going there. It more than lived up to our expectations and we enjoyed a wonderful meal. Back at home, we had a game of Scrabble, but I think we were all rather tired and ready for bed as soon as it was over!

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