Journey Through Time

By Sue

American Bittern at Ridgefield NWR

The American Bittern is a bird that favors fresh water or brachish marshes with tall vegetation. You can see why as they blend in with their environment quite well. When standing or when alarmed, bitterns often assume a posture with neck elongated and bill pointed straight up so that they appear camouflaged, blending into the vegetation around them. Sometimes they gently sway while holding this position. They move very slowly, then strikes prey with lightning stab. Will eat fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects and small mammals.
(Field Guide to Birds, Western Region)

This is the first time I have seen one in person. It was right beside the road so I had a nice clear shot at it. If you go to this blipfolio image you will see it's amazing feet. Perfect for walking in swampy grasslands.

I saw the owl again, too. She was sleeping and wedged into her tree cavity. The photo that I took shows a bit of grey fluff right next to her which would be one of her babies. They have hatched and she is becoming quite a celebrity Great Horned Owl in Clark County. The Capture Clark County contest has tons of pictures of her and her baby. I don't have the patience or the time to sit out there all day to see if she'd wake off I went.

Bill feels much better and went to work. Haven't heard otherwise, so assume he is coping nicely and that the vertigo junk is gone. I hope.

Well, must take care of Monday duties now that I've played. Tomorrow I take my aunt to her cardiologist appointment. I'm sure she will be nervous, but she feels pretty good, so I'm sure the appointment will go okay.

So, have a terrific day, Blippers. Stay well.

PS I see that one year ago I was at the Blip Meet in Woodburn, Oregon at the tulip festival. With the El Nina spring in full force, it was cold but we did luck out and not have any rain when we were there. The tulips were not at their best having been beat down by rain and hail. The lack of sun kept most of them tightly closed. However we all had a nice time and there were some great shots taken that day. This year it is on the 22nd...should be much better - tulip wise.

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