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Paint the whole world with a

On my way home tonight as I reached the flyover at the end of the A3 I hit a shower amongst the sunshine. I looked for a rainbow but could not see one. A people carrier went past me in the other lane and I saw the overjoyed faces of the children in the back. I looked where they were looking and saw the brightest most vivid full rainbow I have ever seen.

Then as I continued on the bend of the road and the rainbow went behind me the traffic slowed, annoyingly not to a halt though. The road was too busy to get out so I had to wait whilst we crawled to the turn off from the main road.

I darted to the best vantage point to park as soon as possible but sadly most of the weather had cleared and so most of the rainbow was gone, at least from the view of this new spot anyway.

Once home I could not get a word in edgeways as Girl was very excited on account of spending the day with lots of friends and getting some early birthday presents from them.

Big day tomorrow as its a big blipday of two years worth of a photo a day. I have no special plans and a full day of work so it may not be a special as I would probably prefer, we shall just have to see.

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