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Still Here

I had no ideas or plans for a photo today and given that it marks the anniversary of two years worth of blipping I was hoping for something special.

As it was a work day I was not expecting to get much opportunity for a special picture and so was half expecting some sort of forced family photo fun to celebrate this landmark blip when I got home. This would have been quite apt as the family is now really the point of these words and photo each day.

The charting of the highs and lows, the laughs and the cries and the tantrums and nappies of our family life continues to be a fun necessity of daily life that hopefully others find fun to review also. I also look forward to the days when I the little ones can read back the fun they put us through and maybe even compare it to themselves if one day they ever decide to torture themselves through lack of sleep by having their own children. This is something Wife has been lucky (not sure that is the right word) enough to experience this from Granny's motherhood diary.

Anyway as much as a forced family photo would be nice, it would also probably be impractical. Evenings can be such a lottery of tiredness and excitement meaning that it could very well be an impossibility to get a half decent picture and so very much would have to be a back up for a celebrational blip.

I need not have worried about finding a decent shot in my limited free time of the day as only minutes after leaving for work I could see how still and calm the waters around our city island were. I think it may be a sign as things have got calmer here over the last year and we are even getting a bit of sleep now and again.

And so for the usual role call of thanks. Thank you to all who have been in my blips, viewed and read my blips, commented on my blips, and liked, starred and rated my blips. I started doing this as a photo project to improve my pictures. I did not expect two years later to still be enjoying journaling our daily lives.

Special thanks to Girl, Boy and Wife, the real stars of our family adventures, I tend to just be the narrator and camera man and would be lost without them.

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