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Party time today with Girl waking quite subdued. In the morning, as Granny and Wife filled 36 mini-sandwiches, I co-ordinated the Smarties and M&Ms on to the previously Wife bakes cake. We finished these and the other preparations with just enough time to spare to get it all in the car in the rain and outside the church hall before party time, with Girl perking up as we arrived.

Our clown dressed babysitter was already there waiting for us meaning the guest children were imeadiatly occupied on arrival whilst we and some other very helpful friends made the final preparations to the hall. The cheesy pop played and the games commenced. I ended up being the bad guy and deciding who should lose each game but thankfully they all took it pretty well with many winners getting teeth rotting treats for their skills in statue standing, floor bumping and parcel passing.

Originally we were not sure if putting on a party where we do all the work was a good idea, then we decided we had to do it at least once, then we enrolled the baby sitter to give us enough help to have time to appreciate enough of the day. That said it was still manic, so much so that at the end I was asked by a fellow Dad on pickup duty "Was it a good party?" I replied "I have no idea!"
Girls smiley face seemed to confirm it had gone well though so that is good enough for me.

The two hours flew by in a blur where Girl had a great time, with the party boxes of food and the cake going down well

And with that there is three years of blipping, blimey.

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