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Crash Waving

Today we took a walk down to the sea to blow out the party dust from yesterday. Finally the weather has improved so the sea air was nice to experience after what seems like a long wait. Added to that Boy decided he was going to be unrestrained by nappies for the day.

We ended up at the Royal Marinies Museum where we played and ate. We took this same journey pretty much a year ago with our number one heavier. Looking back it was aout this time when things seemed to get a little different making todays coincidental visit a little more poignant for us all. That was until when Boy got down from the table and announced he had done wee. This was no problem as being a regimental type of place the floor was washed whilst Wife changed the Boy, all in a matter of moments.

After lunch we sat by the grass and listened to the sound of what seemed like crashing waves. As the sea had seemed fairly calm on the walk down and the noise seemed too loud to really be it, there was talk that it may have been traffic but it was far to regular for that.

Whilst we had been eating it appeared the waves had picked up meaning it was actually the soothing sound of crashing waves we were hearing and so we got to take them in on our walk home.

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