There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Dexter and Me

Dexter the Tabby and I like to sit on our front porch and look out over our yard. One of our favorite times to do this is in the morning: we like to spend a few quiet moments together contemplating the lovely views, enjoying each other's company, and planning our day.

Dexter is an inside-only cat, and he is only allowed to go out when held in someone's arms, or in his cat carrier. He actually becomes quite placid when held. I put my left hand around his middle and my right hand under his back feet for support; I rest my cheek against his fur and breathe in the sweet scent of cat. I realize that I am happiest of all when I am holding a cat or a camera in my hands.

My husband caught Dexter and me in our usual position together on the front porch and ran for the camera. So I admit, dear blipsters, that this is the only photo posted here so far that I did not take myself. He also used my smaller, older Canon PowerShot SX120IS point-and-shoot, which is simpler to use than the newer camera I use most often myself.

Dexter and I have watched many a sun rise . . .
Monday 12 March 2012: Coloring Between the Lines

And we've watched many a moon rise too . . .
Sunday 8 January 2012: Present Like an Archangel

Oh, yes, we've seen some lovely things from our front porch! And in these private, happy moments, I am holding Dexter right next to my heart - which is exactly where he belongs!

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