Springs of Silver

Well thanks for all the comments on my blip yesterday which I hated

I love today's which , using Sod's Law, means you will be turned off by this one !!

Yet more from the centre of Bradford. Had a quick lunch break there on the way to see some patients. The forecast was for rain for the next eleventeen years in Bradford so was delighted when it wasn't the case after all. Ok I realise that by black and whiting it up I have really shown those sunny skies off in no capacity whatsoever.....

Christ, that last paragraph has bored even me

I should make this snappy and go shouldn't I?

A good day at the office and out and about and a good evening with the girls oh and I managed to sneak in a quick run, first one in ten days and I really needed it.

" Erm I thought you said you were going..... "

Ok Ok am gone but give this bit of black and white a whirl
,haven't heard it in years
( apart from the twentyteenty times I have played it tonight . If my PC was a record player, the needle would have definitely broken by now ). It's really beautiful. Enjoy


Oh god .. almost forgot. I need a rant . A black and white rant. If anyone else has read the Swedish cake story in the news just please explain how the fuck this is ok !!!!

Ok maybe listen to the song again now to calm you down

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