As it is

By asitis

The plops, the plips, and an 80th birthday.

Today we had a lesson in plopping - or more precisely, how different sized rocks made different plops, also caused different ripples and finally got mum more, or, less wet. Boo investigated what shapes the ripples were (and talked about why) and how that differed according to how near or far the edge they landed. We loved the sounds, some made a real PLOP and other a tiny plip, but all had that similar plop not a splash.

We found different types of rock, looked at the tide - the inlet near my parents house is an excellent tidal study point, we investigated the difference between wet & dry sand - how it differs the nearer or further from the waters edge you are. Yogi wrote her name in metre high letters!

We also learnt about how easy/hard it is to fit 80 candles on a cake - and decided we wouldn't even attempt it, I think Boo was worried it'd set fire to the cake and then there wouldn't be any to eat! We celebrated my father, their grandfather turning 80.

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