Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Inaccessible Desk

Backblipped on 19th April 2012

Some people say to me, when I say that I've been unable to do any work because the house is in a state, that I should just ignore the house and sit at my desk and work.

However, THIS is why that isn't possible. I simply can't REACH my desk, let alone find any books I might need to work from!!!

Today was the final reorganization of the study. All cages are now in their final positions, and, with luck, I can just keep up the regular maintenance and cleaning (with just a little cage modification, but that can be done gradually now - there is no urgency, and I have the bits and pieces I need).

Furthermore, Comet and Meteor settled easily into the cage with the big boys - they were from an accidental litter that a friend of mine had, but have been SO well looked after and so well socialised that they're really confident little men, with both people and other rats! Love you little guys!!! :-)

Additionally, CHARLIE IS BETTER!!! The doxycycline did its job, and he stopped rattling! It's lovely to have him back to his old self again! I now have 16 happy healthy rat men in the tower!


The cages you can see on this picture aren't, of course, rat cages. One is Robbie's little home and the other is Laura's suite!

Getting there!

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