Wow, this has taken a long time. 23,496 photographs (well, over 23,500 now that I've uploaded today's) I have been going through them all to add keywords/tags, to make a searchable catalogue. 1001 different descriptive words; the most commonly used were "bird" (over 9500 times,with 112 different species), "Water of Leith" (over 6000), "Leith" (>3000), then "tree", "allotment", "flower", "Edinburgh", "landscape" "archaeology" and "macro" all used between 1000 and 1500 times.

Well, we all have favourite subjects, don't we? ;)

The next stage is to go through the various categories and to force myself to delete the rubbish...I really should have done that as I went along!

In more important news: check out the latest from Parsfan!!

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